With the message “living joyfully and optimistically is  the best vitamin for health and beauty”, talk show THE MIGHTY LADIES is a chance for  women of different position, trade, living in various region to meet, exchange and share the audience. Each guest will tell their life story, share openly and speak out interesting story or their hidden dilemma that they have never showed in their daily life.

Any one all encounters some difficulties or upheaval in life. And for women, when facing with and deciding solutions for those cracks, will inevitably avoid damages or losses in whatever aspect they get engaged in. Some people will strongly overcome in silence, some will share others to console their grievance.


And THE MIGHTY LADIES will be a platform for all distinguished guests to share their lives. And moreover, they can convey positive life message and secret to lead happy, joyful and serene life.

Talkshow THE MIGHTY LADIES will be replayed on digital channel and TV channel in Vietnam, USA,  Canada,… The program is produced and distributed by Kevalink Co ltd.


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